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If you are a beginner, this video will be very useful for you. AnnaKurnikowa, also known as AK, plays on six tables with roomPoker and explains why you should multitable, what the advantages are in multitabling and how to make notes as you play.


Live Video sixtabling

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  • minoan


    Thanks for the tips!Btw,your voice is perfect for storytelling!!He,he..
  • Zervin311


    On the day of the unicorn, deep within the mushroom forest, little red riding hood picked up an ace rag.
  • Zervin311


    Oh, and don't understand the push with ace high with a player already all-in, kind of pointless.
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    #3 please tell me the minute
  • macaDee


    very nice video! even tho u scared the s**t out of me at the time u realized that u accidentally folded aces :) best regards man!
  • blairestorm


    "we fold aces, noooooo!"

  • andreibalint


    sorry but i have to write this: your voice is so freakin funnyyyyy
  • Zervin311


    8:30, mid top
  • Zervin311


    8:00, sorry
  • Zervin311


    I don't get it, you think ace ten is a good hand, yet you fold it to a button steal raise? (32:30)
  • brx1990


    It's because AT isn't in hand range of sss and you cant blind steal if someone raises you in pozition
  • Mizner


    Why did you contibet AQo against 2 opponents on the flop? Then you did not contibet with AQo against 1 opponent when you were in position, that made me more surprised then folding AA:-)
  • Mizner


    Yes Zervin311, I am wondering about the same 8:00 hand:-)
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    @ #3 #12

    It's not pointless. We have a guy here in the BB that timed out - he is not all in, he plays just for the 29 cents pot. The main pot with that caller is far bigger. We're basically in Heads-Up.

    We have 2 intentions here to act this way:

    #1 we want to make the caller fold by representing the Ace - even though we loose against the all in guy its np because we win the main pot.

    #2 if we continuationbet "normal" we are committed to the pot if the caller went all in and to maximize the Foldequity we just ship it right there to win the main pot without any danger.

    Hope you got it =)

    @#10 - look at #11 :D
  • nathanrenard


    Great video. And i do agree, you seem like a RPG narrator.
  • nathanrenard


    Oh, and yes, folding aces was bad. But happens when multi-tabling once in a while
  • fonzarelli44


    excellent video....but i have to say, i was in tears watching and listening to this video :P....AnnaKurnikowa is the nuts
  • Bo3hRn3r


  • n3os


    Cant listing to him the full video. He sounds like a gaystoryteller xD
  • VolodymyrT


    nice video)
  • PattRiott


    It would be cool to know how much you made in this session
  • Orochimaro


    pra mim... ele jogou SSS, sempre estava com 20 BB nas mesas....
  • sefika


    cooles video
  • pporsche


    Sim este vídeo é estratégia Short Stack

    Paulo "pporsche" Moreira
  • MancaMulas


    este senhor "AnnaKurnikowa" tem jeito!! gosto dos vídeos dele!
  • MancaMulas


    a estratégia aplicada neste vídeo levanta-me algumas dúvidas: AJ em MP? AT em LP?
  • xero100


    hi didnt folded Aces he didnt saw it in time so time out and got folded
  • an88


    bei 28:22 leider rechts unten das AA übersehen :) aber sonst gutes video^^
  • an88


    #3 ich sollte es zu ende schauen bevor ich was poste hier ;) hast du ja erkannt ^^
  • ukuomandus


    Professional poker voice! Nice video, thanks.
  • skatelouis


    You improved my game. Your video is the best. Taking notes is the best thing I ever done.

    I was multitabling 12 tables before. Now I only do 6 tables and I take notes on the fish.

    In 1,4K hands I made 315BB. I could have made more if someone would have call 6 of my AA... It never happened :(

    Thanks for your video, you are 10+ better than the French.
  • roccy


    amazing flod dude:P
  • Zyrill


    8:20 sehe ich eienen Fehler mit AQ gegen 2 Gegner am Flop (8K4) nichts getroffen, sollte man doch nur checken, nicht all in
  • rinconsolli


  • buccaneers


    #6: Agree.

    Nur die Aussprache klingt irgendwie strange und unnatürlich.
  • armitageshanks


    Nice video. Easy to listen to and very entertaining. I enjoy your enthusiastic delivery.
  • 1z2x3y


    Very nice stuff,the late action on AA was perfect for training purposes
  • olzibambolzi


    aber sauberes englisch!
    hört sich halt wirklich an wie ein englisch lern video an.

    sehr lehrreiches video danke!
  • sc107a


    Хорошее видео, только на 23 минуте зашел в игру не дождавшись ББ.

    nice video.
    Why you dont wait for the big blind? (on 23 min, table 4)
  • Garych


    не очень понял суть пуша aq на 7 мин у одного из них оччень часто будет король раз у нас его нет
  • Garych


    fold aa и aj lol))
  • metalhead9


    lol nice video...what about winrates?
  • Ratatouille023


    Thanks for the video!
  • Snoddas


    Thanks for a good video!
  • iSuckedOut1337


    from time to time it sounds like he was telling fairytales.^^ Good Content. THX
  • LiiDL


    to #2 думаю это для видио он поставил бб вне очереди, так как долго ждать до бб, а видио не резиновое, больше ситуаций будет итд..
    to #3 пуш с туз дамой я как предролагаю, так как не знаю инглиша, эта обычный конбет а так как конбет это более чем 1/2 нашего стэка то это пуш, а мы пушим на всех флопах кроме туза, и все другие руки котор мы бы рейзили так же сыграл бы.
  • Artursx


    You sound like you are going to commit suicide. :D Nice video :)
  • AllinStefk


    nice video, learnt alot and improved my SSS...thanks and great audio!
  • GiambaJe


    Amazing voice....and very nice video =) thanks
  • PokerKing1080


    Lol reason why taking notes is bad. 28:25
  • tommygecko


    LOL. Kinda surprised nobody caught that :P he folded AA
  • armssteady


    I don't play on party, so could you explain how is that you have 2 different SN's?