MTT $22 - $2,100 Live Video - Part I

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $26 - $2100
  • フルリング
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2100$series Live Video PokerStars series

コメント (41)

  • kreuzberger


  • CharlieSh


    Blöder Status kann natürlich wieder nur 4min schaun :(
  • Mr.Q


    die rallens halt nicht dass se noch mehr verdienen würden wenn se uns mal mehr einblick geben würden..
  • Njeng


    naja MTTler raken schon deutlich weniger als CG oder SNG spieler... aber der status ist trotzdem ein witz.
  • rappator


    plz show it for platinum either ;(
  • Maidstraight


    des piepen is ja unerträglich
  • ihufa


    yea seriously why the f can't we watch these vids in english platinum, when the germans can??? THIS IS SO F*KING STUPID
  • RollingStoned


    that maybe sucks, but not for me obviously. :D hehe joke

    either way jonathanlittle = sickest tournament player i know! keep it up!
  • alejandrosh


    since 3 of 4 are actually low limit tourneys I think it should be platinum anyway.
    dunno, looks like it's time to grind up to diamond instead of platinum like the germans.
  • Boonlight84


    das piepen ist echt nervig
  • Quiesel


    Sie gehen halt davon aus dass du als MTT'ler zusätzlich noch rake über SNG's holst
  • mnl1337


    nice video, but the soundquality ist disgusting :P
  • karlo123


    @2: The videos are all around the world in diamond. so no german user can see more or less videos than the english community. if there is a mistake with the limit we will correct this.
  • karlo123


    So ab sofort ab platin. enjoy!
  • Lasso


    Hab mir vorhin die ersten 4 Mins angeschaut, jetzt geht ja alles ;D

    Thx dafür :)
  • alejandrosh


    yay for platinum (now I only have to get it back :D) good one for PS here :)
  • marco321


    firefox is probably good, cause he is supernova!
  • ihufa


    o m g, i got my way by using the old caps lock + swear words ^^

    Im sorry for that i was just really pissed when i wrote it, you know i <3 u admins
  • roflnub


    that handysound really sucks
  • JoSeN


    Bei mir läufts nur im alten Player.
  • karlo123


    now btw around the in platinum. enjoy!
  • paradoxpoker


    @ min 2.50 " I dont really know one of these guys" RLY? :D i know one
  • itsjustjost


    So ab sofort Gold. enjoy !
  • Fistor


    nais vid, but could u PLEEEEEZE turn off ur mobile next time or put it somewhere else?
    the sound really sucks and makes it kinda hard to concentrate on the spots.

    but i like how u explain ur thoughts and y ur playin certain lines...good one.
  • Carty


    ich frag mich ob ihr euch die videos mal nicht vorher anschaut ... das ist ja ultra nervig mit dem handy da...manmanman ...
  • Rolo23


    abruptes ende..
  • polarop


    yeah, you definitely have to get rid of your mobile next time you make a video... would like to watch it to the ende next time...

    you lost me after 10 minutes, its just too much pain in the ass
  • chrisbet


    Es ist einfach ein Witz 22er bis 2000er Buyins in einem Video zu machen und das dann ab Platin. Macht halt ein Highlimit Video für die, die den Rake dafür erspielen und ein Lowlimit für die Bronze/Silber/Gold whatever Member.

    Das ist ein Witz
  • Unam



    I liked the video.
    The sound really is disturbing, but I like your style.

    When you are still looking for video topics. I would be interested in something like how to adjust your SNG play to MTTs.
    I think with your knowledge of both games you could do some great videos on that or a similar topic.
  • Unam


    In the first 16 seconds he is telling you, that he is playing some events and when they are at the same time why shouldn't he add some smaller stake MTTs to this platinum video?

    I hope you get my point, he is not adding a 6k event to a 22$ video, but he added some smaller Stakes into the higher limit video to get more interesting spots.
  • PeterSchneider


    so asozial mit dem scheiß handy gepiepe...
    ich seh irgendwie gar kein sinn darin ein $22 MTT neben einem $2k zu spielen ?!
    bitte macht demnächst auch videos auf NL2k/5k wo nebenbei noch NL10 gespielt wird...
    auf $22 spiel ich doch um welten anders als auf $2k
    da geh ich gegen nen unknown auch easy mit toppair broke, was bei 2k nie und nimmer der fall wäre, ganz einfach, weil ich die gegner viel schlechter einschätzen kann...
    zum inhalt kann ich leider nichts sagen, da mir das handyfiepen zu sehr auf die eier ging
  • Nitlib


    Hey there, nice vid, but the mobile phone interfering with the sound is pretty annoying
  • niknik88


    MTT-players often play different buy ins at the same time, cause you play every good tournament. So imo its good to see different decisions in a similar spot at different stakes. If you cant handle that, simply shut up.
  • minemaus


    cruel handy noise :(
  • JonathanLittle


    I didnt realize that happened with the audio and I am very sorry for it. I will keep the phone a looong way from the computer next time.
  • JonathanLittle


    I am very sorry for the cell phone noises. I had no clue it was going on. I will be sure to keep the phone a loooong way from the computer next time.
  • adriankiller


    very good video:) i wait for part 2 :) (don't look me status i can look it) all You wideo is amazing!!
  • FireFox89


    FireFox001 is not PROBABLY good ! He´s the BEST !
  • adriankiller


    where is part 2?i still waiting for this...
  • hipe


    best luck box obv.
  • urmo1


    Finally can watch this.