Crash Course - Playing In Position As Aggressor (1)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $400
  • ショート ハンド
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This is a new series by our No-Limit cash expert w34z3l, where he performs a practical hand analysis of specific situations. Each video will be focusing on a different concept. The first part will help you to become a better aggressor in position. Find more videos of this series here.


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コメント (13)

  • grabek87


    This is a new series and good series, good videos :)
  • DecMate


    awesome vid weasel really enjoyed it


  • Pokerruudje


    Good stuff w34z3l! I like this video!
    A lot of practice with a lot of tips!

    Looking forward for the other video's!

    Go on man!
  • Pokerruudje


    Do you have a video only with overpairs...
    On the Button AKo - flop J83r --> tips for his hands?
  • BadMoe99


    w34zel once again show why he is the best Online NLHE 6max coach.
  • CptJokerFish


  • dev209


    why is this video for nl25-400? when you say at 01:42 that these Hands are played between NL25-NL100
  • modeob


    Amazing !! Very thank you for all the work!!!
  • modeob


    How do you play in hand in minute 33:44. When you raise his bet in the river in board 734r 5 6.

    If he re-raise all in.

    You have the absolute best straight, but completes a flush runner runner
  • modeob


    In 38:05 with QhTh in 3c7sks, you check back, and you say a long the video, we could defend probe bets very wide, in this example we pick up a gutshot in turn and so is a easy call if que probe bet.

    But if we dont pick up any, in some black turn and the villian do a turn probe, what can we do?
  • modeob


    No hand vs a donk bet... maybe in next videos! Very thank you again! Excelente video!
  • modeob


    Saw this video again today!!! Excelet stuff!! Thanks again :)