Testing The Playerpool on NL100 Zoom

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  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • ショート ハンド
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Asimos is back with a brand new video, where he talks about the adaptations and adjustments that are worth considering after the rakeback changes on PokerStars.


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  • Spitzbuben


    cool vid. you should say uuuuh and eeh less.
  • anggara77x


    this the best one
  • DzikiHenry


    there was any changes to rake ?
  • LorD231984


  • Zippi


    At around 15:30, don't you think 3betting 22 SB vs CO as a bluff is much better than flatting? You are giving the BB a very profitable squeeze with a very wide range, and you almost always have to check/fold the flop OOP vs someone who probably bets almost his entire range on the flop IP. Also you were talking about the rake being higher now (I don't know how it is in .com cause I play .es), so that's an incentive to setmine less than before and doing more 3betting or folding. Maybe I'm wrong, would like some thoughts. Other than that very nice video, easy to understand and well explained concepts! Thanks a lot!