Live 9-Man SNG Session Review

  • シット アンド ゴー
  • SNG
  • $1 - $7
  • フルリング
(6 投票) 5145





If you thought STTs are dead, think again! Collin played a live 9-Man session and then reviewed it. Enjoy!


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コメント (10)

  • effi333


    nice thanks!
  • tanjimit


    its cool. thanks
  • Dit0Filho


    Nice! I wish to see one session in other poker room, like Ipoker or 888! There are some differences on the format of these STTs
  • Kareltje33


    Oké thx
  • arvis77


    Nice video ty . :))
  • andersonje


    good video, i am try to wins money in sits.
  • ShovingLoose


    I agree with #4
  • claptonabc


    nice ty
  • Olifranx


    nice hand
  • GroovyShark


    As SNG-Reg myself, I'm very glad that Collin makes his streams for PokerStrategy! Always a lot of feed for brain and priceless knowledge shared by him. Keep doing great job Collin!