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In the fourth part of the series, w34z3l talks about the evolution of statistics, HUDs and poker tools, focusing mainly on the Hand2Note software as an example.


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コメント (10)

  • LemOn36


    I just got hand2note! Neat :)
  • LemOn36


    Pokertracker has had Notecaddy support for a while now
  • bigdog63


    what do you mean by support for hand2note by poketracker?
  • w34z3l


    Remember that some time passes between video creation and publishing
  • BEACHER1971


  • LemOn36


    You can get notecaddy on poker tracker now big dog is what I meant :) - that's the add-on with auto notes and I guess more intuitive custom stats ( PT4 has been always great to make stats from scratch bit it took me long hours always )
  • andersonje


    good video thx
  • JMMarques119


  • VytenisN


    Is the HUD you are using a paid one or it comes with H2N subscription ?
  • ivele


    Very good video.