Crush NL2 SH with bonecore

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Our successful Bankroll Challenger bonecore shows how to win on NL2 SH Zoom with a basic & straight-forward game plan.


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  • zoolchek


    Nice tnx!
  • zoolchek


    Useful video. A lot of interesting things learned. Thank bonecore!
  • axeboy90


    Very good video. It builds a very strong foundation for players who just started, but also shows a different way of thinking about our playing ranges (at least for me) and how we construct them + our game plan postflop, which I think in this video was very well adjusted for the limit he played.
  • axeboy90


    With pocket 33 I want to raise 6c or 8c? I raise 5c. :))))
  • 2reac


    great video! +++++ waiting for more
  • RobZomby


    Thanks a bunch.
    What are your thoughts on those mp/latepos ranges in FR?
    Could this playstyle work in nl2 fr as well?
  • bonecore


    #8 what i wanted you to remember from this video is to have a basic gameplan before you start the betting... even at full ring. (if you have a wrong plan and you stick to it you will see it does not work... if you have no plan you will not know what works and what does not)
  • AApoKKer


    Interesting video of basic game plan for NL2 zoom. I will try it out on my game........ CHEER,
  • Pichux


    Very good vid for NL2. It's often enough that people overthink the micros and lose money when you know that this limit is beatable just by playing your cards face up. I noticed just one thing. In this video you cbet rarely (mostly only when you hit). I think there is much value to be made by cbeting dry flops (More than 922 or A83r) with air, because villains often fold to that. They also could call the cbet and checkdown with worse hand, like worse A or missed draws. Besides that, I think this is not the maximum value style to play, but it definitely will get you out of NL2 in time.
  • clovenhoofsdoom


    Very interesting thoughts, much appreciated.
  • modeob


    in min 40, with de nut flush in KKx x x ... u overbet in river.... if villain shove, u will call?
  • Maniatrix


    Nice, announcing the strength of your hands with your bet sizing...