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In this video, our coach focuses on three aspects of the game: leading, open limping and barreling, showing practical examples from the tables. This video is connected to one of previous webinars by Luke, which we recommend you to watch before this video. You can find it here.


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  • linda82


    Nice but ME here NO GOLD so Time commes.
  • brayanpoker


    Good, i have to practice with that
  • tonypmm


    It would have been good if you highlighted the difference between HU and multiway pots in a special bullet point in the leading section, as MW pots are an important particular case of a situation when people are far less likely to cbet and check/raises look strong, and the fact that the pot is MW can be the decisive clue telling us to eliminate the c/r range altogether and either donk or check/call with any hand that's worth continuing with.
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  • rambowins


    leuke video
  • Tessies


    Hi, nice video! I'm looking foreward to your next video's with simulair subjects!
  • MrPink578


    Excellent video. Great content and very helpful. Thanks for the upload!