The Beginner's Guide to 180-mans - Hand History Review

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TomSom87 continues his beginner series on the 180-man turbo SNGs with a more detailed look at a recent live session using the tools and methods he introdcued in the first part


Beginner's Guide To 180 mans HH Review MTSNG PokerStars series So You Want To Grind 180-mans tools turbo

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  • NijeVaznoKoSam


    thx for another great video tomsom87 - can you just short mention next time, how you import the HH's in the universal replayer?
  • JustgAMblin


    Very nice video as always.

    There was just one spot with a limper, where you didnt adjust his top range to be taken out of his limping range.

    Although i would be very careful with stats, if you havent got enough hands to be certain with limp/calling ranges, a profitable jam with J6s from the SB over limper can become -EV very quickly.

    And most of the time the limpers are fishes, from whom we havent got much hands of.
    So i think a more tighter approach on jamming over limpers is better, considering the lack of certainty of their ranges and our edge on the field.

    Many regs underestimate the value of stack preserving on fishy tables.