$15 45-Man Review: Adjusting to Regs

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KatieDozier314 brings you a review of a recent 45-man tournament on PokerStars with a focus on playing vs regulars and Nash calculations


MTSNG Nash PokerStars regulars Session Review

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  • BubbleNedRum


    this was the most interesting hh since quite a long time on ps.de, nh katie
  • spliff77


    very nice
  • spliff77


  • madein1984


    2:00 in general I thing this shove is pretty bad to begin with, because he is 25bb deep with a guy behind him. Next thing is he probably doesnt have KK+, unless he is somehow trying to trap. Should influence our calling range that much though because I assume he doesnt get it in with KTs, 66 or QJs.
    9:40 I think it's not a good spot to take negative edges, because we just passed the blinds and most likely get a +EV shove before hitting the blinds again. Right there I might even tighten up to be able to shove into a recreactional player who isn't aware of how much he can call.
    11:50 I think you have to tighten up massively the 3bet shoving range because many regs flat a lot of hands too.
    31:18 not even sure if it is a good idea to induce vs a rec. player.
    36:40 actually rather clear shove because BB is a tight rec player (he missed several any2 spots).
    37:00 maybe stop&go is a good alternative here.

    great vid. only thing you could improve is paying more attention to who is a rec and adjust the HRC ranges. Seems like you are much better than me in guessing the correct ranges rather often ;)
  • Shevtshenko


    Excellent video. Probably the best MTT-video i've ever seen. Opened my eyes for the differences between open pushing in chip-ev spots and bubble/post-bubble spots.

    The quiz format is great! I'm going to steal this format :)
  • gadget51


    When going with this type of quiz format, my only suggestion is to remind people to pause before the ranges pop up on the next slide :)

    I just love that you laugh and find fun in a game so often; for someone who knows their way around so well, it might become a bit blase, a bit same-old same-old y'know and go through the motions?. Super job and very entertaining as well as usual, thank you.
  • KatieDozier314


    @BubbleNedRum: I'm so glad you enjoyed the HH, thanks!

    @spliff77 Happy that you liked the quiz format! :)
  • KatieDozier314


    @madein1984 Thanks for your nice comments!

    2:00, While this player is almost 25 bbs deep with the CO, AQ is a profitable 3-bet shove here. It's true that some players will have capped ranges here, but facing a UTG open I think that is slightly less likely. For example, I personally don’t have a capped range for 3-bet shoving in the CO’s spot, as I think a smaller raise with a huge hand will look obvious and it’s a tricky spot to try to balance.

    9:40, Ante adjusted the player on the button has about a 3BB stack, which is a point where we should be willing to take a negative edge, especially considering the lack of an ICM tax.

    11:50, In my experience, regs will not be flatting a ton in the BB here, but I do agree that it is unlikely he is 3-bet shoving as wide as Nash in this spot.

    31:18, While I agree with the idea that some hands that would be very strong normally in this situation were it in Chip EV mode, such as pocket nines, I think that AA is a hand that we are happy to induce with—especially since we are ITM at this point, even despite the short stack.

    36:40, Good point, and as I said in the video—I should have shoved.

    37:00, Great idea to do a stop and go!
  • KatieDozier314


    @Shevtshenko: Thanks so much for the compliments!

    @gadget51: I really appreciate your kind words! I will take your advice about reminding people to pause for the next time I do this format in a video. I love playing poker and talking about it, and I am so happy that it comes across in my videos. :)
  • Rainmy


    Very nice video !!
  • KatieDozier314


    @Rainmy: thank you!