room User Review with BogdanPS & Alin - Part 2

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The launch of the most recent User review series, featuring BogdanPS and member "Alin". The video takes place at the room poker tables, where from Hero has provided us with a video recording of his four-tabling session, which Bogdan discusses and provides his thoughts on, throughout the video.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part from BogdanPS & Alin - your comments and feedback are always welcome!

    Part one:
  • William340


    table 2, ~24:40 we have QJo, board is 8cAcTs we don't have a gutshot on the flop, we have a double gutshot. (any 9 or K makes a straight, tho we would prefer not to see clubs.

    then the 8 pairs on the turn and Cathy leads out for > pot, so I guess it's moot.
  • William340


    actually, she shoved 7.96 into 6.60
  • William340


    and lastly - I am glad you said that the site does not allow auto rebuy, because it was driving me nuts that he was doing it during the hands.
    I did not realize he had no choice and could not see why he was adding an extra distraction.
  • Yoyoyh


    How to make stats appearing after custom sample in poker tracker 4?
  • Upay4myWeed


    Hello i am new to the forum, so i don't have much of experience with microstakes. Btw great series Bogdan. I am not much of the math but at about 38 minutes in video, when we 4- bet with AT of hearts for amount of 6,35 and he shoves- Aren't we risking 18 euros to win his stack which is 24,50 + our bet of 6,35. so that mean's we are risking 18 to win almost 31? is this correct? i am not of the math guy so maybe i am wrong because you said in the video we are risking 18 to win 49? thank for the reply
  • Upay4myWeed


    Never mind my mistake. now i think i get it. so it's risk reward formula right? % = risk/(risk + reward) it's 18/(his stack 24,50 + 18 + 6,35) = 18/48,85 is around 36 % right?