Side Stepping Variance

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In his first video for, Tim64 delivers a crisp little presentation / theory type video, focusing on how our variance is influenced as a Sit & Go player, relating to the format we choose to play.


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コメント (16)

  • fruktpuff


    Great way of explaining your thoughts and breaking it down into different parts. Great first video.
  • acceleration123


    Very good video sir. Ty.
  • akrammon


    "going 45 degrees up" - I have to admit I was never good in geometry, but I have some doubts about that ;D

    just teasing you around Tim, very good video with very good explaining as usual! The people of this site would be lucky to have you as a vid producer!

    p.s. some feedback in your blog, sir
  • LgWz


    hey Tim!
  • MisClick


    I loved the video, very clear and well structured.
  • dydukas


    Could be 60 degrees up if you scale your graph correctly. :D
  • JustgAMblin


    Very very good and structured video!

    More vids from you please. :)
  • Antonioull


    Everytime i press play nthe video stops at 8 seconds ??
    And i cant see anything
  • furminator


    #8 I have the same :/
  • maritsula


    video works great. Nice production Tim, I hope you make some more
  • Schrader69


    8s 4 me
  • TWhelan


    Mine paused at 8s also, but I pressed pause and then play again and it carried on so try that.

    Anyway great video!
  • Barlin63


    Some trouble to get the vid started but then it run smoothly. Tim thanks for your explanation. Love the vid!
  • Barlin63


    Had some problem to get the video started but then it ran smoothly. Tim, thanks for the vid. Loved it!
  • m4nclad


    great video Tim
  • roopopper


    Great video Tim this makes a lot of sense to me, thankyou :-)