$24-$33 Live Session - Part 2

  • シット アンド ゴー
  • SNG
  • $22 - $33
  • フルリング
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In this 2 part series you can watch Lessthanthree play up to 4 simultaneous Turbo/Super-Turbo 9 man SNGs on Full Tilt. He is facing off against a variety of players and shows you how to pick up reads on opponents while making sure not to make any fundamental mistakes.


FullTilt series Session Review speed turbo

コメント (23)

  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • lessthanthreee


    Sorry about the beeps guys. ill make sure I turn them off next time. enjoy!
  • MITStudent


    #2 hardly worth mentioning
  • dydukas


    Can you easily table select nowadays on FTP? I haven't seen this little regs for months in my games on Ongame and you can never table select there. Looks so yummy here. :>
  • lessthanthreee



    this was recorded pre-BF .
  • Melissaash


    loved the vid, any chance you can link me as to how i can change my hud, your way looks so uncluttered, i love it, many thanks
  • Tim64


    23:40 "If the board was J89 we wouldn't cbet. Actually we would have 2pair on that board..." :-)
  • Tim64


    38:30 95s. You said his ch/back with K high on river is ok since he has showdown value vs your range. Wondering whether this is the case. When you ch/c his turn float, bottom of your range is a flush draw and otherwise you have a pair. (Dont think you ch/c K high, no kicker without good reads). So I think on the river he is giving up since he should not often expect to be good here.
  • Tim64


    39:20 Q3s. I like the reshove and agree that his play is terrible vs you as unknown. If he knew you would reshove here with hands like you did, would that change your opinion? i.e. would it make his limp/call better than open shove?
  • Raistlin


    Warum werden hier videos gemacht nur unsinn ist alles fake und umsonst poker ist nur glück only fuuucking luck!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tim64


    @#10 Ranting strictly in English, plse.
  • lessthanthreee



    95s, yeah i have no idea why i said that. he doesnt have much SD value at all. hes definitely just giving up because hes expecting me to c/c this river very often (which is true).

    Q3s, A5s isnt ever going to be strong enough to limp trap. it doesnt play well enough even against wide ranges. especially when you add the ICM of seeing a SD.
  • dydukas


    You don't need to enter hands manually into Nash calculator if you have licensed Sng Wiz. 3 clicks and you have it. :p
  • dydukas


    And then again with built in Sng Wiz in HEM you can explore the hand right away. :)
  • annetdi


    Не впечатляет. Ошибки нечто, и при этом говорит: "It's pretty close".. Элементарную дурость выбивать надо.
  • annetdi


    Говорит, мол для unknown player - хорошо Q3 запихать. Дорогуша, люди не дураки, а если смотреть в розовых очках, то и 92 надо было пихать. Че уж там - unknown player.
  • faarcyde


    Good stuff as always Lessthanthreee.
  • DanTe19


    is the web on holdthem resources Ok? I mean the ranges of push are the same compared to the SitnGo Wizard?
  • lessthanthreee



    holdemresources is nash equilibrium.
    sng wiz is exploitative.
  • vidrata


    Very good video as always!
  • akrammon


    "Let's get the lizard in the video!" Priceless :D

    Very good vid btw!
  • ulairiiii


    can you explain me in detail please why you didnt open QJs and you fold it?
  • lessthanthreee



    which minute in the video?