insyder19 vs. elephant - Part 2 (insyder)

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insyder19 played a challenge against russian coach eleph on the NL1k deep heads-up tables. In this unique series you can learn from the commentary of both coaches. In this part insyder shares his thoughts about the second part of the match.


FullTilt insyder19 vs. elephant series Session Review

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  • SiMoNsayZpkR


    ...because villain might perform that move with weaker holdings / hands that he turned into bluffs.
  • SiMoNsayZpkR


    I thought the same.
    iam am very confident villain left out value there by not C/R AI. Hero would have to crying call here with KT because.
  • shaddiii



    Around 18:20 with the KT Trips - do you think just calling is better with his boat than raising you? I wondered a bit about that spot.
  • sapheal



    Ich auch finde diese Videos fantasthisch. So viel information
    uber verschiedene Spots und sehr akkurate Analyse.
  • bladoeltiempo


    ohhhhhhhh =O
  • bigfish777


    Hi Insyder,

    ich finde deine Videos echt lehrreich!

    Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du zu diesem Teil eine HM-basierende Analyse über elephant vornehmen würdest. Als Schwerpunkt:

    -weak spots und adaption
    -ungewöhnliche/alternative lines
    -3bet pots

    wäre super!
  • xxxserjogaxxx


    kinda cognitive, thank You.
  • TeddyTheKiller


    Min 25:30 top left, would you not bet Ahigh for Value for the most Part on the Flop, so its kinda hard for you to rep Ahigh on the River?
  • FishermansFriend


  • Bjoerniboy


    ah nvm.
  • Bjoerniboy


    /edit LOL RUSSISCH?
  • Bjoerniboy


    geil ! genau richtig zum süppchen schlürfen <3
  • D4niD4nsen


    its gonna be leeeeeeggendary
  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the next episode of the insyder vs. eleph match with insyder's commentary!

    Please keep the comments in English!