Poker incomes

    • Jeroboam
      登録日: 21.08.2011 ポスト: 5
      Sorry not to speak better japanese for writing
      thx for english speaker to answer me
      How is the situation in Japan for taxes vs Poker incomes?
      you can answer by personnal message if you wished
      Good Luck on Tables
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    • Kuroari
      登録日: 04.08.2010 ポスト: 326
      Hi! ようこそ!(Youkoso=welcome)
      Short answer is "Gray area".
      Although the government profibits gambling by law, we are still playing with ought any problems. (And I assume that most are not paying taxes since theres not much investigating going on)
      Neteller Debit card works fine with local ATMs, so it should be fairly easy to access to your $.

      I am unfamiliar with the tax situation of foreigners, though. (Im Japanese with some experience abroad.) Maybe more details and I might able to help?

      Feel free to PM me. Wish you best of luck.