Microgaming ポーカーネットワークのプレイヤーはこの夏の WSOP の栄光をリスク無しで獲得出来るチャンスがあります。

Microgaming ポーカーネットワークで €3,000 WSOP パッケージを獲得すれば、それを 2013 年の WSOP でお好きな $1,000 - $1,500 バイインのブレスレットイベントに利用することが出来ます。このパッケージのキャッシュを貰っていなくても、ポーカールームがあなたが支払ったバイインをあなたに返金させていただきます



€3,000 パッケージは €2.20 から用意されているサテライトから獲得することが出来ます。

MPN の全ての WSOP サテライトトーナメントはポーカークライアントのトーナメントロビーから ‘Satellites’ タブを確認していただくことで見ていただくことが出来ます。

€3,000 WSOP パッケージの内容

WSOP パッケージの内容は以下の通りです。

• 2013 年 WSOP スケジュールの中からお好きな $1,000 - $1,500 バイインのイベントエントリー
• ラスベガスパラッツォホテルの 7 日間の宿泊費
• $1,000 - $1,500 の滞在費 (選んだトーナメントによって変わります)

The “WSOP 2013” is a promotion on the MPN in which players compete for packages to the World Series of Poker (WSOP), a live poker series in Las Vegas.

The promotional period for the WSOP 2013 will commence on 15 April 2013 and continue until 16 June 2013.

The WSOP 2013 package, valued at €3000, includes one buy-in to any $1000, $1111 or $1,500 event in the 2013 WSOP schedule, 7 nights at The Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas and money towards travel and expenses:

Players who enter a $1,500 event will receive $1000 towards travel and expenses.

Players who enter a $1,111 event will receive $1,389 towards travel and expenses.

Players who enter a $1,000 event will receive $1,500 towards travel and expenses.

Players may win multiple WSOP 2013 packages. In the event of a player winning multiple packages, $1300 for the hotel accommodation per additional package will be given to the player as spending money, which will be deposited into the player’s poker account.

WSOP 2013 packages are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Players will receive accommodation at The Palazzo. Accommodation is on a room-only basis for the player plus one guest and includes resort fees, taxes and WiFi. Players will be responsible for all additional charges. Players may be expected to present a credit card on arrival at The Palazzo to cover any additional charges.

No cash alternatives will be available for unused hotel accommodation, except in the event of a player winning multiple packages.

The promotion administrators reserve the right to offer alternative hospitality options of the same or similar value, at their discretion.

It is the individual winner‘s responsibility to organise travel to Las Vegas for the event and to ensure that all travel documents (passport and visa, as required) are in order and to obtain any required travel and medical insurance.

Spending and travel money will be deposited into players’ poker accounts within 5 business days of online registration to the WSOP 2013 closing. The funds will be in the currency of the each player’s poker account, and the exchange rate used will be the current USD exchange rate from http://www.oanda.com.

At any satellite level, players can buy in for cash, loyalty points or tournament tickets.

Winners of the online satellite finals will win WSOP 2013 packages. Package winner will be listed in holding lobbies (dummy tournament lobbies that will show the number of players who have qualified for WSOP 2013), which will be maintained in the poker software during the promotional period.

Satellites leading into further satellites will reward winners with tournament tickets. Any unused WSOP tickets will be forfeited at the end of the WSOP 2013 promotional period. Unused WSOP 2013 tickets cannot be converted into cash, loyalty points or other tournament tickets.

WSOP 2013 packages can be purchased directly from operators upon request. Players who hold packages bought from operators will not be listed in the holding lobbies.

Players must confirm with the promotion administrators whether they are choosing a $1000, $1111 or $1500 event on the 2013 WSOP schedule at least 14 days prior to the start of the event.

Players must supply registration details within 48 hours of online registration closing for the event of their choice. If players fail to supply this information on time, the promotion administrators may de-register players in this category and require that they register for another WSOP event.

Players must supply all requested hotel information to the promotion administrators within 48 hours of online registration closing for their chosen event.

Contact information for the promotion administrators will be made available in due course to all WSOP 2013 winners.

Players must give details of their table/seat numbers for all WSOP events played to any promotion administrator who requests them in Las Vegas.

By qualifying for a WSOP 2013 package, players agree to wear operator-branded merchandise for the duration of any event qualified for through the MPN. The apparel is to be worn in a manner requested by the operator or promotion administrators. No competitor branding may be worn in the event qualified for through the MPN.

By entering the WSOP 2013 satellites, players agree that their real names, aliases, locations and images can be used for promotional purposes. Players further agree to be interviewed on their progress/results during the tournaments and to make themselves available for promotional purposes as requested by their operator or promotion administrators.

Players must at all times act in a manner respectful to the event and to the game of poker. WSOP 2013 players are brand ambassadors in a prestigious, internationally-recognised sporting contest.

Players must be at least 21 years old to take part in WSOP 2013.

The promotion administrators reserve the right to change the rules and/or structure of the WSOP 2013 online final or satellites at their discretion.

The promotion administrators reserve the right to buy back WSOP 2013 packages from players at a cost of €3000 per package at their discretion.

Awarding of any and all prizes is at the sole discretion of the promotion administrators, and any decisions taken in this regard are final.

The “Risk Free WSOP” is a promotion in which the first 100 players to win WSOP 2013 packages will be refunded their buy-ins should they be knocked out of their chosen WSOP 2013 event without a prize.

The promotional period for the Risk Free WSOP will commence on 15 April 2013 and continue until 100 players win packages, at which point the promotion will cease. After the promotion’s end, players can continue to qualify for WSOP 2013 packages through the network satellites until 16 June 2013.

Only the buy-in for the chosen event can be refunded. For example, if a player is registered to a $1000 WSOP 2013 event and does not win a prize in the event, $1000 will be refunded to the player, regardless of package value, provided all terms and conditions are met.

Players can only qualify for the Risk Free WSOP by playing in and winning MPN satellites.

Players can buy WSOP 2013 packages directly upon request, but any packages bought directly do not qualify for the Risk Free WSOP.

In the event multiple players qualify simultaneously through an online final and in so doing exceed the 100 player threshold, the cap will be extended to include those simultaneous qualifiers only.

Refunds for players in the Risk Free WSOP who do not win any cash prizes in their chosen target event will be credited to poker accounts within 10 business days of completion of the chosen event.

Risk Free WSOP packages are not transferrable. Players who win multiple WSOP 2013 packages may also qualify for Risk Free WSOP refunds for each package, provided that all other qualification criteria and terms and conditions are met and that the chosen WSOP events’ schedules (start and end time, inclusive) do not overlap.

In order to receive the Risk Free WSOP refund, the following conditions apply and violation of any of the following conditions may result in the refund being forfeited:

Players must be in attendance at the WSOP 2013 event from the start of the event until such time as they have no chips, with no significant intervening absences.

Players must at all times during the event wear clothing or other marketing material provided by their operator or promotion administrators.

Players may not wear clothing or marketing material that advertises any brands not specifically endorsed by the operator or promotion administrators.

Intentionally losing chips or being engaged in any fraudulent activity, as determined by the WSOP floor managers, promotion administrators or other qualified staff, is strictly forbidden and may result in additional sanctions.

All terms and conditions for the WSOP 2013 apply to the Risk Free WSOP.

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