Hello my Friends

I need your help for a special present.
My friends from the US (Maribel and Taras) will marry mid July in Kiew.
I would like to give them a special present, a Foto album with marriage greetings from complete strangers from all over the world.

Please help me and forward this instruction to as many people as you know and take many pictures and send them to me.

That's how it works:

- download the already made marriage greeting from http://rapidshare.com/files/397880922/HappyWedding.pdf
and print it
- make a picture in front of a typical scenery from your home, holding the greeting in your hand. Feel free to send pictures of cool sceneries, such as a world cup stadium, the mount everest or any other crazy places
- send the picture with Name, Location and Country to snip3r2006@web.de

After the wedding, I will display all pictures on an internetsite.
Surely Maribel and Taras will show you how happy they are about it.

Thank you for your help