Akiba Guild Casino

    • Kamikaze001
      登録日: 20.11.2007 ポスト: 5,860
      Konichiwa! :)

      On the German website I've just seen the news about the "Akiba Guild Casino" and I think that's pretty awesome :D I am living in Tokyo right now and thought about going there soon.
      (That's the link: http://www.akibacc.com/)
      Unfortunately my Japanese is still quite bad so I didn't understand the website.

      Could somebody please answer me the following questions:
      1) Entry is 20, I suppose?
      2) Is there an entry-fee for the casino?
      3) When you play tournamens with an entry fee, can you win real money?
      What kind of tournaments are there, I would like to play NL Hold'em with a buy-in of 5000+Yen?
      Would be nice if you could make me a little list in English :)
      4) Are there cashgames and if yes, what stakes?

      Big thank you in advance!
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    • Kamikaze001
      登録日: 20.11.2007 ポスト: 5,860
      And could you please give me some infos about the All Japan Poker Championship, mainly the date, the place and the buy-in.

      I just found some older stuff about previous AJPCs - is ist just a Satellite Tourney for the WSOP? Or can you actually win money, too?
    • PotapovSergey
      登録日: 03.08.2009 ポスト: 305
      Hi Kamikaze001,

      We will try to gather all the info you requested, and will get back to you asap :)
    • PSJpYukiko
      登録日: 01.07.2009 ポスト: 33
      Hi Kamikaze001!

      1) Entry age is not specified, but as this is not a real 'casino' but rather an amusement centre, with 16 year old+ maids, we would assume that there is no strict age regulation.

      2) The entry fee (called Service fee with 1 free drink) is 700 yen. On top of this, you will be required to pay an hourly time charge of $20 chips (which equals to approximately 500 yen). According to their website, they will give you 1 free time charge chip upon entry!

      3) As gambling real money is still illegal in Japan outside of state approved gambling, you will not be able to win real money. It's not 100% clear from their website so we are enquiring at the moment, but they seem to hold a number of different tournaments. One of them, called the 'guild 3 step' allows you to win an APPT tournament package, but at this moment we are unsure what you win from the other tournaments. It seems like it's a point system.... but we will get back to you on this. The list of tournaments we will also get back to you when we hear back from AkibaGuild.

      4) There are no cashgames unfortunately...!

      As for AJPC, unfortunately they are no longer accepting entrants, but here is the info:

      Date: 15th and 16th May
      Venue: Sega head office (1-2-12, Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-8531) http://www.ajpc.jp/guideline/images/sega_map.pdf (3 min from Otorii station)
      Buy-in: None

      The winner gets the right to participate in WSOP 2010 main event, along with the hotel and flights paid for. Again, because real money gambling is prohibited, they give holidays, flights and other goods for 2nd to 6th place.

      We hope this information helps! We'll get back to you with further info as and when Akiba Guild come back to us. :)