Europoker $20.000 フリーロール

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    • Huopa
      登録日: 27.10.2009 ポスト: 689 がオンライン ゲーミング業界の iGB 賞の 「ベスト ポーカー アフィリエイト」 賞を受賞しました。これを記念し、4 月にそれぞれの賞金プールが $20,000 の 5 つの特別フリーロールを開催します。
      2 つ目のフリーロールは Europoker で行われます。

      • 日時: 2010 年 4 月 11 日、15:00 GMT (日本時間: 24:00)
      • 参加人数制限: 4,000
      • 登録: 私どもの PSVIP コードを使用してデポジットした人は誰でも参加できます。まだの場合は、トーナメント開始時までデポジットすることができます。最小デポジット額は $20 です。


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    • Huopa
      登録日: 27.10.2009 ポスト: 689
      以下はフリーロールに関する Europoker からの公式声明です。

      Statement from EuroPoker on the $20,000 PS Freeroll

      Dear PokerStrategy members,

      The team behind EuroPoker was very happy to see 800 players participate in the exciting and inspiring $20,000 freeroll on Sunday 11th April. The tournament was finished at 02:29 on Monday morning, hopefully to the satisfaction of all participants and in particular to the players who finished in the money.

      We wish to extend our congratulations to the skillful winner 'benji' who went to bed with an additional $4,820 in his EuroPoker account, very well played indeed! Runner up 'pqshq' walked home with $2,800 and 'cli15' in third place with $1,760, not bad for a few hours at the tables.

      As always when dealing with systems and networks things may go wrong. Our support team has been in touch with 75 players who could not play the freeroll because they did not receive a ticket. After some investigation the problem has been identified. It turns out that a network error froze a script, which was used to "fund" the freeroll ticket to the accounts of players who had previously done a deposit on EuroPoker. The result was that 200 accounts were left without a ticket.

      To make up for the lack of action EuroPoker and PokerStrategy will run a new freeroll tournament to compensate those who could not play. More details on this will be communicated shortly. Until then, best of luck at the tables.


      Thor Sun
      Director, EuroPoker