Ladbrokes Poker: クリスマスハント

レース 1 (Dec 03 - Dec 09)
レース 2 (Dec 10 - Dec 16)
レース 3 (Dec 17 - Dec 23)
レース 4 (Dec 24 - Dec 30)
12 月は Ladbrokes Poker でクリスマスハントプロモーションが開催されます。レーキハンドをプレーしてトーナメントチケットとプライズを獲得しましょう。

右に示してある 4 つの期間でレーキレースが開催されます。このレースではたったの 100 回のレーキハンドで最初のプライズを獲得することが出来ます。


1. The Christmas Hunt will run from 00:00 GMT on 3 December 2012 to 23:59 GMT on 30 December.

2. Each player can win only one prize per tier per week, but one player can win all five prizes each week if he qualified for all five tiers each week.

3. Although extremely unlikely, one player could win more than one iPhone (or other prize) during the promotion.

4. Players qualify to win prizes by playing real money cash games and accruing raked hands. A raked hand is a hand in which a player contributes to the pot, and the pot is raked.

5. Only real money cash game tables at participating operators will count towards the promotion.

6. This promotion is only available with a limited number of operators. The operators who have opted in will have the promotion listed on their websites.
Raked hands accrued with other operators will not count towards the promotion. (network T&Cs only)

7. Only raked hands accrued during the promotional period will count towards the promotion.

8. Unlimited Christmas Hunt Carnage tournament tickets will be given for each week of the promotion.

9. The ticket prizes for tiers 1 and 2 will work as follows:

a. 1000 tickets will be awarded at tier 1 and 300 at tier 2 every week.

b. Tickets will expire 30 days after they are given.

c. Tickets will be given to players when the carnage tournament ends.

d. A €5.50 ticket (won in a tier 1 carnage tournament) can only be used to purchase entry into a tournament with a buy-in of €5 and a fee of €0.50.

e. A €22 ticket (won in a tier 2 carnage tournament) can only be used to purchase entry into a tournament with a buy-in of €20 and a fee of €2.

10. Tickets and prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

11. Any prizes won in carnage tournaments for tiers 3, 4 and 5 that remain unclaimed after 7 January 2013 will be given away in a later promotion.

12. When claiming prizes, players must enter their correct address or they will not receive the prizes.
The promotion administrators are not responsible for re-sending prizes if players enter incorrect addresses when claiming them.

13. All prizes will be mailed after the promotion ends.

14. Players are responsible for paying any customs fees, taxes or other fees associated with receiving the item.

15. The promotion can be ended at any time by the promotion administrators.

もしまだ Ladbrokes Poker のアカウントをお持ちでないなら こちらからお作りください。初回デポジットボーナスなどの特典をご利用いただけます。